Precision manufacturing

SINCE 1968

Manufacturing billboards from the raw materials to a complete and finished product requires a full production setup. Formetco has developed a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility complete with high-quality raw materials and industry experience that has been perfected since 1968.

Streamline Construction

Save time and minimize on-site adjustments

Ensuring pre-fitted construction components significantly cuts down installation time and minimizes the need for onsite adjustments, leading to more efficient project execution.

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Efficient Construction

State-of-the-art Machinery and Custom Engineered Tools

At Formetco Structures, our commitment doesn’t end with the installation. Our comprehensive post-install approach not only extends the life of our structures but also guarantees a safe working environment for all involved - be it our employees, our clients, or external contractors. We offer a holistic post-installation experience to ensure longevity and safety.

plasma_cutter painting
    • Plasma Cutter

    • Plasma cutter – plotted into computer for precise cuts and hole placement. Hole placement is critical, so they match during installation.

    • Paint Booth

    • Paint booth EPA rated for safe environment and safety to employees.

    • Paint booth- explosion-proof lighting / reduced emissions filtration w/ 98% capture efficiency.

    • Overhead Crane

    • 3 axis liner drive system


Invested in the Latest Amada Machinery

Formetco has upgraded its in-house production with advanced Amada machinery, enhancing efficiency and precision. The Amada press brakes excel in accurately bending and shaping metal, vital for high-quality billboards. The turret punch presses stand out for their rapid, precise cuts, enabling complex billboard designs. Formetco distinguishes itself from competitors through its investment in the latest Amada machinery, ensuring superior accuracy and productivity in billboard manufacturing.

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Formetco's Strategy

Investing in Skilled Technicians for Enhanced Design Processes

Formetco prioritizes the development of a highly skilled and certified workforce, demonstrating a strong commitment to investing in its people and processes. By focusing on hiring only qualified fabricators and providing ongoing training and certification courses, Formetco ensures its team is well-equipped to enhance and innovate in design processes, reflecting the company's dedication to quality and continuous improvement.

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Precision Manufacturing = Creating a Better Structure


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About Us

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